I’m Coming From Windows to Mac. Help!

First of all, YAY! Whew! What a relief! šŸ˜› I'm kidding, but not really. I'll say as a preface that I love Windows because it pays the bills for IT Support guys like me. Case in point in the titleĀ of a Business Insider article itself, "Macs are a third as expensive to own as Windows … Continue reading I’m Coming From Windows to Mac. Help!


Siri and What’s Next

Happy Monday, everyone! I've been a little MIA lately but am working on some more interactive things for this site to help better help you learn and stay up to date with all things Apple! I did want to share a cool update for you to expect this year regarding Siri, Apple's virtual assistant platform. … Continue reading Siri and What’s Next

Mobile Ads

There's very few reliable methods for eliminating (or minimizing) ads on your computers web browsers, unfortunately. However, I want to share a very quick and simple way to get rid of ads on your smartphone or tablet. Simply go to your network settings or swipe up or down (depending on what device you use) from … Continue reading Mobile Ads

Reading Webpages Clutter-Free

Over time, we are getting more and more overwhelmed with the sheer volume of ads and unnecessary or irrelevant content on the pages we visit. However, I want to elaborate on why, despite the frustration this causes, I'm still a supporter of ads online. On a site like NYTimes.comĀ or even Facebook.com, you can see a … Continue reading Reading Webpages Clutter-Free

Family Photo Albums: A Thing of The Past?

We all remember going to our grandparent's house and looking through photo albums for hours, reminiscing. Grandma still has those albums and we look at them less frequently as time goes on. Why?? It's like a broken record to say that we're living in an ever-growing digital world and print is slowly phasing out of … Continue reading Family Photo Albums: A Thing of The Past?

URGENT: Update Adobe Flash Now!

In what has become a regular occurrence, threats have invaded the Adobe Flash platform for the umpteenth time this year and it's time again for you to check to see if you have the latest version! Check your version here. The screenshot below shows you your current version and if you don't have v., then … Continue reading URGENT: Update Adobe Flash Now!

Rip Off IT Services

Another feature of this site that I'd like to introduce you to, much like my "TimeSaver" articles, is SIMILARLY titled "MoneySaver." As you'll read further in this post, I desire to earn money by sharing my expertise and services with you, and I don't want any of my readers to spend more money than necessary … Continue reading Rip Off IT Services