Do You Need Anti-Virus On A Mac?

It's the question that everyone asks when considering purchasing a Mac. Most everyone that you and I know has owned or currently owns a Windows computer and we have likely all encountered a computer crash or negatively affected software problem on our Window's PC. There are major debates (in my opinion, unnecessary) by Mac loyalists … Continue reading Do You Need Anti-Virus On A Mac?


Shopping Guide: Apple Watch

Apple released their first-generation smartwatch in April 2015 and now, almost two years later, we have a surplus of bands, features and mixed reviews. As I always strive to do, I want to help you better understand what Apple Watch has to offer you and you can then decide if it's a good fit. Credit: … Continue reading Shopping Guide: Apple Watch

About iCloud Keychain – Part 2

  Now that you have a better idea of where we're going, I want to move on and show you how my Keychain is set up! ­čÖé The following password manager is just for websites that you have registered accounts with. It is for those who use Apple's Safari browser for internet access. To start, … Continue reading About iCloud Keychain – Part 2

About iCloud Keychain – Part 1

"I don't know my password." "I use the same password for everything." Rarely do I hear of people in the middle of those two extremes. Rarely do I meet someone who doesn't have this struggle. It bothers me that, in these days of multi-million dollar corporation hacking and identity theft, people are not more intentional … Continue reading About iCloud Keychain – Part 1

Mobile Ads

There's very few reliable methods for eliminating (or minimizing) ads on your computers web browsers, unfortunately. However, I want to share a very quick and simple way to get rid of ads on your smartphone or tablet. Simply go to your network settings or swipe up or down (depending on what device you use) from … Continue reading Mobile Ads

Apple Hosts Mac Event Today

┬áThere's a few new Macs in town, and it's been a long time coming! Credit: MacWorld UK Pre-Event Forecast: It really has been quite a few years since Apple has really revamped the Mac line of computers. Today's announcement will likely represent updates to the iMac, and possibly Mac mini and Mac Pro models, but … Continue reading Apple Hosts Mac Event Today

URGENT: Update Adobe Flash Now!

In what has become a regular occurrence, threats have invaded the Adobe Flash platform for the umpteenth time this year and it's time again for you to check to see if you have the latest version! Check your version here. The screenshot below shows you your current version and if you don't have v., then … Continue reading URGENT: Update Adobe Flash Now!

Facebook: Asking Me For A Photo ID???

This is downright ABSURD! I don't even have words for this blog post. I deleted my Facebook account over a month ago, mostly because I had collected years and years of garbage in my News Feed, etc. I created a new account to help promote this blog and decided that I wasn't going to send … Continue reading Facebook: Asking Me For A Photo ID???