2017 iPhone – What We Know

Every year, we get the joy of seeing Apple's latest and greatest iPhone creation. While some say "Eh," and feel like iPhones should've been waterproof yesterday and Apple Watches should have always had cellular connectivity, I say I'm thankful that Apple and other innovative companies are being as strategic as they are in the development and … Continue reading 2017 iPhone – What We Know


Here’s Why You Should Be Using Apple Pay

Unless I'm going to a restaurant or one of the only two grocery stores I really shop at (Kroger or Walmart), I typically don't bother with my wallet. These days, I can get in and out of a checkout line so fast and be on my way, unlike the people who still not only wait … Continue reading Here’s Why You Should Be Using Apple Pay

Redesigned: Apple Store App (iOS)

The Apple Store (in your pocket) Apple has released a much needed refresh of their Apple Store app, complete with new icon. The focus here is you, the customer. Let me show you what I mean. Conveniently located at the top of the home page, you have a reminder for any Genius Bar reservations, with … Continue reading Redesigned: Apple Store App (iOS)