At TechQuest, we pride ourselves in coming alongside you and your team to see the systems and processes you currently have through your eyes. With a firm grip on what and why you do things the way you do, we then begin the process of breaking down all of the core components of your everyday operations and piece it all back together in a way that, when executed, you experience the least amount of “downtime” and begin to see dramatically positive changes to your workflow.

So, whether it be creating a new, secure networking system, introducing powerful software- or hardware-based solutions to your computers, or even simply offering on-site training for new staff, you can be assured that your business will thrive when you begin to implement the right strategies and tools.


TechQuest offers the following services:

  • High-level professionalism delivering strategic IT systems consulting
  • Thorough review of your current IT structure and in-depth assessments
  • Best practices from the IT industry
  • Disaster recovery strategy to ensure valuable IT assets are protected
  • Unbiased solutions to ensure that your systems meet current standards

Because every organization is different, every solution is catered to your specific needs. While many of the programs offered by TechQuest are rigid in that they meet current IT industry standards, you will still receive a completely customized plan to ensure that your business goals are set and achieved.

What To Expect

In order to set those goals, our relationship will begin in the planning stages. Once you’ve contacted us, we will first email you an outline of what we will be discussing and then schedule a time to sit down with your key players. Part of that outline will contain questions that will help you to think in terms of what the overall process will be like so that you can gain a better understanding of how we will move from planning to executing. This period can vary depending on the size and needs of your organization, but expect to spend 2-3 weeks and several follow-up phone calls or video conferences to tweak things as needed.

As you move into the execution phase, we will revisit the hard budget as it relates to what, if any, equipment and/or services need to be purchased in order to move forward. You can be assured that, as a debt-free, budget-conscious company, TechQuest values every penny you spend and that you will receive the best bang for your buck without sacrificing quality.

Up to this point, we have had one or two face-to-face meetings and check-in calls and are ready to begin putting solutions in place. This period will be hands-on and Michael will be on-site at scheduled times each week to ensure that everything is getting set up in the most efficient manner with little to no interruptions to your daily operations. From here, again depending on budget and scheduling, the execution phase can last anywhere from one week to several months. It’s hard to say for sure because every situation is different and we strive to keep a comfortable pace for both you and your team. We will have a project timeline guiding our steps and you can expect to have at least one checkpoint per week to evaluate our progress and ensure that the budget and schedule is on track.

Once we have reached the end of this phase, we will begin the final stage of monitoring and maintenance in order to adjust anything or focus on individual questions from you and your team. This phase is determined to be indefinite through the end of your contract. During this time, you will have 24/7 access to technical support and unlimited scheduled on-site visits to discuss any issues that may arise.

Referrals are the lifeblood of this business and we love to see our clients so satisfied with our services that they choose to recommend us to others! If you know of a business or entrepeneur that could use our services, please share our information and if they choose to sign a contract with us, we will apply a referral discount to you for one FREE month in your contract!