Do You Need Anti-Virus On A Mac?

It’s the question that everyone asks when considering purchasing a Mac. Most everyone that you and I know has owned or currently owns a Windows computer and we have likely all encountered a computer crash or negatively affected software problem on our Window’s PC. There are major debates (in my opinion, unnecessary) by Mac loyalists that say Macs are so inferior and thus, don’t need anti-virus protection. I just want to share this abbreviated post today to give you some technical insight as to why it’s best to be adequately protected these days, no matter what type of computer you are using.

Why your Mac needs an Anti-Virus program

Cyber attacks are running rampant in our world and computers of all types are vulnerable. Statistically, to argue the point that Macs are less likely to get a virus, it is simply because Macs are a much more difficult target for criminals. You also have to keep in mind that there are much fewer Macs in relation to the plethora of Windows devices.

With that said, I’ll give you the opportunity to assess the following information and decide for yourself if paying the price of a cup of coffee a week for added security is right for you.

The Facts:
  • Apple, as I said earlier, is harder to attack because there are so much fewer of them than Windows machines. Cybercriminals are looking for the big pool of fish that they can snatch their hand in and out quickly with little effort. Mac hacking requires a hacker to be more strategic with their attacks.
  • Apple has designed their computers to basically be a sandbox, so even if something fishy finds its way into your machine, it won’t be able to penetrate the soul of your Mac.
  • The Mac App Store, as well as the Mac operating system itself, has many built-in protections for you already.
    • The Mac App Store warns you each time you download an app that does not come directly from the App Store (App Store apps are extremely vetted by Apple to ensure their integrity).
    • The Mac operating system  gives you advanced firewall controls and works closely with your local wired/wireless networks to ensure that you don’t experience any sketchy behavior on your network. (See my post on Home Networking for a better understanding of how your home is connected.)
  • These days, you don’t have to worry about Flash player and Java plugins. Remember those?
    Flash and Java plugin scams are a thing of the past.
    📸 Intego


I could beat this topic to death with more facts and figures, but it all boils down to your situation. If you have a Mac set up at home and use it for basic web browsing, like Facebook, news, and things of that nature, you’re pretty safe with the built-in security.

I will say that you still need to be careful to not open attachments in emails from people you don’t know, and that kind of thing. More on that later. If you have a house full of Macs or a combination of Macs and Windows PCs in a home or business environment, it’s definitely worth the small investment to ensure that you have the protection you need in an increasingly unsafe digital world.

Here are a few of the top recommendations for FREE Mac virus protection:

Obviously, if you have any questions or doubts about whether or not you are adequately protected, I would love to chat with you one-on-one and let’s talk about what you have and what needs to be done!

Until next time, stay safe online!

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