Remember Everything,… Using Your iPhone!

I leave my house and head to the store thinking I need this, this, this, and that. I get home from the store and unpack the grocery packs, realizing I came home with this, this, this,… and no that! 

The beautiful thing about your iPhone and Location Services is that if you need to remember something when you’re in a certain place, the Reminders app has you covered!

The most common struggles I hear about are:

  • What did I come to this store for?
  • What time was my appointment?
  • Where did I park?*

*I will have a post at some point this year about Apple CarPlay, so stay tuned!

But when it comes to those pesky things you always forget right when you need them, I have the key to helping you always stay on top of your game!

Let’s begin by looking at the basics of Creating A Reminder:

  • Start by opening the Reminders App (see icon above)
  • Click + at the top right of the main screen.

  • A pop-up will appear at the bottom of your screen. Click Reminder.

  • A new screen will appear where you will input information about what you want to be reminded of.

From here, type a name for your Reminder. I used “Pick up dry cleaning.” You then have the option to be reminded “on a day” or “at a location.” The beautiful thing about choosing to be reminded at a specific location is that you can input, as in our example below, the address of the dry cleaner you use, and it allows you to select a custom radius around that specific address. Put simply, my dry cleaner is at 123 Main Street, Atlanta, GA, so I will enter that address, then I can use the radius circle tool to pull that radius out to 1,000 feet. When I get approximately 1,000 feet from this address, a notification will pop up on my iPhone to say “Reminder: Pick up dry cleaning.” This is awesome if you’re strategic like me and have your dry cleaners in route from, say, work to home. If you dropped your clothes off a week ago and completely forgot that you have to pick them up and are just driving home from a game or lunch and you happen to be passing there, you will be reminded. Alas, the purpose! 🙂

  • You can also choose to be reminded on a day and time.

  • From here, you simply choose an optional Priority level and any notes, like how many shirts/pants you dropped off, and then select Done at the top right! Easy as that!

It’s just the same with creating a LIST. Follow the first few steps above by clicking + and then choosing List. From there, you can give the list a name and color and begin adding items to this new list. If you want to make this a Shared List, tap Edit in the top right corner, tap Sharing>Add Person>Tap and use this to browse contacts or type the recipients email address.* Once you find the person, click Add, again in the top right corner, and then tap Done.

*Note: You can only share reminders with iCloud-enabled accounts, which basically translates to “they have to have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac with a working AppleID. More on this later.

This is a basic overview of the Reminders app. Just know that, as with most other stock Apple apps on your device, this is the tip of the iceberg. There are many creative ways to really maximize your productivity with Reminders and I will be expanding on these topics over time, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, what questions do you have about the Reminders app and how can I help?


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