The Power of EarPods

I don’t know about you, but I would go insane without my EarPods. I need to drown out my thoughts and surroundings at least once a day as I am currently doing. You can either find me plugged into my iPhone while driving or doing things at home, or tethered to my MacBook Pro while I’m writing or working on other projects. Regardless, they’re great, but what you may not know is that these simplistic, white EarPods with only three buttons can do so much without you so much as even touching your iPhone or Mac. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Your Apple EarPods (or new AirPods) can revolutionize the way you do things with your iPhone!
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Typically, any type of earphones/headphones/earbuds/whatever else you call them can plug in to your iPhone for the purpose of listening to music, or anything other audio/video content. But, did you know that Apple’s EarPods (as well as the line of Beats products or the new AirPods) can act as a remote in many other settings outside of audio or video playback.

Starting with the basics:

Changing Volume:

  • To Increase – Press the + button
  • To Decrease – Press the  button

To Control Playback Functions:

  • To Play/Pause Content: Press once on the center button. To resume playback, press center button again.
Using the center button on your Apple EarPods is a powerful way to control more than just music playback!
📸 Apple
More advanced functions:
  • To Skip To Next Track: Quickly press the center button twice.
  • To Skip Back To A Previous Track: Quickly press center button three times.
  • To Fast-Forward: Quickly press center button twice and hold until desired (on second press.)
  • To Rewind: Quickly press center button three times and hold until desired (on third press.)

To Record:

  • Voice Memos: Open Voice Memo app and press center button once to start recording. Press center button again when finished recording.
  • Video: Open Camera app, swipe to select VIDEO mode, then press center button to start recording. Press center button again to pause or stop recording.
  • Take A Photo: Open Camera app and press center button to take photo.

The end result from the above list of remote commands is the ease and convenience of not having to pull out your iPhone, unlock the screen and navigate to the controls of the app you’re using to change what you are hearing. But, you’ll be glad to know that the magic doesn’t stop there! Let’s take a look at some more applications.

Siri is right at your fingertips with the Apple EarPods remote.

SIRI: At Your Service

Since its introduction on the iPhone 4s in 2011, Siri has grown up in a big way to become Apple’s renowned Personal Assistant on the iPhone, iPad and now Mac! Even still, Siri is growing and adapting as technology changes and is making things continually easier for us.

How To Access Siri via EarPod Remote:

  • Get Siri’s Attention: Press the center button and hold until you hear two quick beeps, then let go and make your request.*
  • To Resume A Conversation With Siri: Repeat steps above.

*Sometimes you’ll find yourself stammering to find the words to say to Siri, and when this happens, Siri will occasionally stop “listening” and assume the request is finished. My recommendation, if you encounter this issue often, is to press and keep pressed the center button until you’ve heard the two beeps AND you’ve made your entire request, then release the center button.

Managing Phone Calls With EarPods:

Just as we’ve discussed so far, the power of the Earpods Remote only gets better as it relates to phone calls! Here are ways you can make and take and control your phone calls using your EarPod Remote.

Just like with audio and video playback, volume control is a breeze.

Changing Volume:

  • To Increase Call Volume – Press the + button
  • To Decrease Call Volume – Press the  button

Incoming Calls:

  • To Answer A Call: Press the center button once.
  • To Decline A Call: Hold the center button down until you hear two “low” beeps, confirming you declined the call.
  • To End A Call: Press the center button again.
  • To Switch To Another Incoming Call (putting the current call on hold): Press the center button once. Press center button again to return to original call.
  • To Switch To Another Incoming Call (ending current call): Hold center button down until you hear those two “low” beeps, then release, thus ending the first call.

When it comes to the capabilities of Apple’s EarPods, AirPods*, and Beats lineup, the possibilities seem endless. I want to let these tips and tricks become second-nature in your mind as you continue to master your iPhone or other Apple devices. Later this year, I’ll expand on some lesser-used functions that you may find useful for your unique needs and desires.

EarPod Remote controls also work when used with your Mac!
EarPod Remote controls also work when used with your Mac!

As always, if you have any questions at all regarding the topics I discuss on my blog, I am available if you simply leave a comment below!

Stay tuned for a post about Apple's new AirPods!
📸 Apple

*I will be featuring a similar post to this about Apple’s new AirPods, with specific commands that apply to AirPods only, due to the lack of wires and a remote. Stay tuned!

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