2017 iPhone – What We Know

Every year, we get the joy of seeing Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone creation. While some say “Eh,” and feel like iPhones should’ve been waterproof yesterday and Apple Watches should have always had cellular connectivity, I say I’m thankful that Apple and other innovative companies are being as strategic as they are in the development and releasing of new technologies and devices. I love having many things to look forward to each year and this one is no different.

Typically in June, Apple holds a keynote event announcing certain updates to software and other service lines, with hardware thrown in for good measure. Fall is the big show where we actually get our first look at the new iPhone or MacBook, iPad or Apple Watch. The past few years have seen a March event and also a second late-year event in October.

Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) 2017 will be held in San Jose, CA on June 5-9
📸 WWDC | Apple
At the Developer’s Conference, technology professionals and Apple Developers gather to hear more about what Apple is doing in the software and hardware space, giving us an idea of what’s coming around the bend.

One such thing we’ll hear about is likely the iPhone. June 29, 2017 will mark the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone.

Steve Jobs unveils the first iPhone | 2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of Apple's iPhone
📸 Wired

What’s The New iPhone Called?

There has been a lot of speculation for many sources debating what Apple will call this special release.

  • There’s always the chance that Apple will follow their regular naming sequence and call this the iPhone 7s/7s Plus. An alternative to this is that they will release a 7s and 7s Plus model with minor enhancements under the hood and release a special edition 10th Anniversary model alongside them. One name floating around the rumor mill is iPhone PRO.
  • Some of the farther-fetched ideas, though crafty, are iPhone XiPhone Edition, or Apple Phone (to fall in line with Apple TV and Apple Watch).

Sources are also saying Apple could eliminate the “plus-sized” model, and take the smaller form factor, adding a “Plus” screen (5.5″), which would likely mean a bezel-free display.

iPhone "8" Concept
📸 9to5Mac | Concept iPhone “8”

I personally would hate to see them get rid of the bigger body style, as I have come to love the extra real estate.

Two major points of curiosity with the next iPhone model is: Waterproofing and Wireless Charging capabilities. Let’s see what folks are saying here:

Waterproof iPhones?

  • Apple released the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as its first water-resistant model, with an IP67 rating, allowing the iPhone to withstand accidental splashes or drops in the toilet. 🚽
  • There’s a great possibility that Apple will push the envelope and reach IP68 status for shallow-depth underwater photography capabilities, as an example.
A vent placed in the iPhone 7/7 Plus where the headphone jack once was, allowing for more accurate altitude readings.
📸 iFixIt | A vent placed where the headphone jack once was, allowing for more accurate altitude readings.

Wireless (or Inductive) Charging!

  • It’s never certain when word gets out that a company is putting many new technologies into their devices in a short period, if Apple will follow right behind and introduce a better version of what’s out there. This includes wireless charging.
  • They could decide to keep focusing on getting the waterproof parts nailed down and wait a year or more to start tinkering with wireless charging. We won’t know anything until June, hopefully!
Wireless Charging is a real possibility with the 2017 iPhone. What do you think?

What about the Display Specs?

Updates to display resolutions haven’t been made since 2014, when iPhone 6/6Plus released. It’s about time to see a major improvement in quality there. OLED is definitely a possibility. Define OLED: In human terms, this essentially means lower power consumption, better picture quality (DUH!), lighter weight and better durability.

With all those rumors floating around, it sure makes it hard to guess what’s next. It will not, however, be an announcement to miss and I will be here to keep you up to speed as soon as I know more up-to-date information! 

What feature or design aspect would you really love to see on this new iPhone?


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