Sam’s Club Just Got Insanely Easy!

I don’t even think there’s really a point to make this a text-heavy post. If you are a Sam’s Club member and seem to dread, like me, shopping because it’s going to take forever to get through the checkout lines, then I have great news for you!

Sam’s Club just recently released a brand new app called “Scan & Go.” It’s ridiculously simple, both in concept and in practice. Here’s what you do:

First, download the app in the iOS App Store.

📸Google Play

If you already have the Sam’s Club store app, this will be much easier. Having the Sam’s Club app means you have your membership number and information loaded already, so that when you download the Scan & Go app, it will automatically transfer from Sam’s Club’s app.

To start, once you have the app downloaded and have the notification and location prompts set to “Allow,” it takes you straight to the start page of the app. Before you begin shopping, click the MENU button at the top left (the horizontal lines), and you’ll see an option to view your membership card. If your card shows up, then your Sam’s Club app has imported the information already! 🙂

You will need to add a credit or debit card to the Scan & Go app before you head to your nearest Sam’s Club. Just as in most other modern apps that require a payment method added within the app, Scan & Go allows you to use your built-in camera to scan an image of your debit or credit card to the app, where it will then extract the card number and automatically enter it into the app. You simply enter and verify the name on your card, CVV security code (the 3- or 4-digit code on the back of your card, to the right of the signature strip), and expiration date. You will get a confirmation that the card was successfully added and you’re ready to go!

See the following screenshots:

































After you’ve selected “Pay,” your checkout is completed and you are brought to a Confirmation page showing your total, date purchased, Club location, and membership information, including the barcode from the transaction. Just as you would normally walk toward the exit and have your receipt checked, you do the same process, except you show the Club associate your phone with the above barcode and the associate will scan it for verification. That’s it! You’re done!

It proved to be the least stressful visit to Sam’s Club I’ve ever experienced! As a warning, I understand that trying something new especially as it relates to technology is not so simple or stress-free! The only tip I can think of that will eliminate most, if not all, of your worries about trying this in-store, is this:

You do NOT have to take your items through a checkout line. Think of it this way: If it makes you feel better, go visit your local Sam’s Club when you only really need a couple of things (but don’t fall into the grocery shopping trap of seeing other things you need and before you know it, your cart is full LOL). Go to the Meat department, as an example, and get ONE package of ground beef. Open the app on your phone and SCAN the item by pressing the round green icon at the bottom center of the app. You’ll immediately see the item added to your digital cart. Here’s the kicker: WHILE IN THE MEAT DEPARTMENT – Click the “Checkout” button on the bottom right of the app screen, select “Pay” and follow the remaining prompts. Just as in the screenshot above, if you see the “Payment successful” screen, proceed to the exit at the front of the store, bypassing the checkout lines and show the associate at the exit door your screen with the confirmation screen displayed and you’ll be on your way! It’s really that easy!

Please feel free to comment below and let me know if you have any questions before you shop, or about how great your experience was using this app!

Until next time, thanks for reading!



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