Apple Watch #FitTechQuest: Check-In

Hey everyone! I’m about 8 or 9 days from my two-month mark since I got my Apple Watch and wanted to give you a glimpse before I do the more in-depth breakdown of my progress, including measurements!

star movestreak









Above you’ll see I made the “Rowing” Workout Record for most calories burned while “rowing.” I put “rowing” in quotes because I used the “Row” workout while I’ve played drums because it’s good cardio and I wanted to track the calories. That’s not cheating, surely! 😛 Also, I’ve continually hit my “Longest Move Streak” and as of yesterday, I have made it 50 days in a row! 🙂 Below is my badge for reaching a “New Move Goal” five times. Last week I increased my goal to 420 calories and I may keep it there from now on or lower it a little because I’m itching to hit that 400% Move Goal badge!


img_1230 img_1231

You’ll see to the left, 2017 is filling up and it’s almost March already! I’ve hit all three goals each day for the month of February, following a strong month of January will that being almost full of rings!

In the picture on the right, you’ll see where I’ve steadily increased my Move (calorie) goal and hit it each time so far! In my opinion, it’s not really a whole lot of effort to get to 420 calories because I’ve seen that a 25-30 minute run or some high energy elliptical will take care of that quick. I would definitely say don’t let the calorie goal get to you. At some point, I will begin again with tracking my food intake to keep a closer eye on my calorie intake. I’ve been reading that it helps when you’re taking a protein shake or supplement to make sure you’re not overloading yourself in that area.

Below you’ll see my Couch to 5K app results for the past couple of weeks and runs. The runs are honestly killing my knee and I’m trying hard to push through. I’m halfway finished with my training so I think I still have the ability to allow my body to further acclimate to the newfound stress I’m putting it under.

img_1240 img_1241











I made a couple more screenshots but I think you get a pretty good idea.

Like I said before, my next post will mark the two-month Watch-iversary and I’ll provide more detailed benchmarks that outline my progress.

Thanks for keeping up and I hope you all have a great weekend!



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