Siri and What’s Next

Happy Monday, everyone!

I’ve been a little MIA lately but am working on some more interactive things for this site to help better help you learn and stay up to date with all things Apple!

I did want to share a cool update for you to expect this year regarding Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant platform. Since the beginning, Siri has been an innovative feature within the iPhone and iPad ecosystem. Since its release in 2011 on the iPhone 4s, it has seen leaps of improvement, including the addition of dictation capabilities on the iPad in 2012 and now, the long-awaited release of Siri on Mac (September 2016).

2017 is expected to be a good year for Siri. With the booming competition coming from Amazon’s Echo speaker (Review coming soon) and its mini-me, the Echo Dot, Google Home, and Cortana on Windows, Siri seems to be behind the pack with it’s offerings. But then again, the tortoise beats the hare every time, right?

Rumors are going around the mill that Siri could very well see a physical speaker launch this year (likely in September or October). Improvements on the internals of Siri’s software have already started with the implementation of support for third-party apps like WhatsApp and payment processing apps like PayPal. Tweaks are also rumored to include more “human-sounding” voices, more thorough integrations with third-party apps and obviously, the ability to handle more challenging user requests. A final and major hope is to see Siri go offline. We’re not always able to access reliable cellular or Wi-Fi connections, and often need Siri’s help in those situations, so Offline Mode would be awesome!

Do you have ideas for what could make Siri better? If so, share in the comments. I’d love to dream with you! šŸ™‚


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