Apple Watch #FitTechQuest: ONE MONTH!

I MADE IT A MONTH!smiling-face-with-open-mouth-and-cold-sweat

I kind of feel this way, without the smile. Maybe with a little more green in my face, not yellow. LOL. Actually, I feel better than I have in as long as I can remember. When you make the simple yet hard choices to eat the healthier option or to get up on the elliptical at 9pm after having let the whole day slip away, it makes all the difference.

I say that because I’ve started slipping into bad habits over the past week and I can tell it is easier after a month to course correct and regain focus on my goals. After three or four days, I began to get back into the routine of eating better, although, truth be told, I stopped logging my food intake close to two weeks ago. It happened suddenly and I didn’t have much motivation to keep going. I guess if it were meant to remain a habit, it would.

With that said, I have quite a few screenshots to share from the Couch to 5K app, as well as the Apple Watch app for iOS. I chose these few screenshots because I feel that the information contained within would paint the clearest picture of my progress. I will say that I have been weighing myself everyday, more for the sake of humoring myself. I know it’s not the greatest idea, but during my pre-Apple Watch days, my weight fluctuated between 216-225 pounds. It is now one month in and I have not gone above 217 since I made it below the 220 mark. I also hit the lowest I’ve hit in at least five years (if I remember correctly) when I weighed in early this week at 212.3 pounds.

I know it’s not about weight loss as much as toning and building muscle,… at least that’s my goal. So here are some shots of what’s been going on since my last check-in:


As you can see above, I have been hellbent on maintaining my goal of hitting #AllTheRings (as Apple Watch Fitness aficionados like to say), and there were only really a few days that I almost didn’t make my thirty minute Exercise ring. I made the mistake of losing track of time and having to do an elliptical after dinner around 8 or 9pm. I learned my lesson, I assure you. You’ll see in the green highlighted area in the center of the picture above, this shows the percentage of increase in my daily Calorie Burn (or “Move” ring) goal. Given that I stopped tracking food, I decided to stay at the 350 calorie mark, but as I’m writing this, I am beginning to feel the motivation to log my food again.


In this next picture (above), on the right is a screenshot of today’s activity. I managed to reach 172% of my Move goal, and yesterday I came close to doubling it. On the right, you’ll see the last few Workouts of January and the first couple from February. I admit, especially after a few good friends called me out on this, that I need to stop relying on an elliptical if my goal is to build muscle up top. My legs have always been stronger and so I realize I don’t need to work as hard on them. I have a few suggestions from friends of strength training exercise routines to begin and, to continue in the spirit of transparency, I’m kinda freaked out (scared, maybe?) to start. I guess that’s another part of this process that we’ll have to just see how it turns out.

Here you’ll see the badges I’ve earned so far. Many of them I’ve earned multiple times, like the 200% and 300% Move goals. I haven’t quite hit 400% but I have a feeling I’ll do it sooner rather than later.

The stars celebrate “First Workouts” of certain types or “Most Achieved” of a certain workout. There is about as much excitement in earning these badges as there is winning a dollar on a scratch-off, but all the same, it’s an achievement.

The Move Ring badge and Exercise Ring badge on the third row are two of my proudest moments. The Move Ring badge symbolizes my personal record for most calories burned in a day (960). The Exercise Ring badge symbolizes longest workout achieved, which was 103 minutes.

Then there’s the Perfect Week badges for each individual goal, and a Perfect Week badge for all three simultaneously.

The badges are a really big part of my day, because you don’t always get a badge each day, whether new or repeated. So, on days when I really push hard and go out of my way to take stairs or make “unnecessary” trips around the house just to get steps in and then don’t get a badge, it’s frustrating. But I still love that it’s instilling in me to not complain as much if I forget something upstairs and have to “go ALLLLLL the way back to our bedroom” to retrieve it.



These are just a couple of summary shots from my Couch to 5K app. It’s slow progress trying to get my body used to running, and as you can see from the image above, I’ve already completed eight of the twenty-seven workouts towards my goal. I’m working on getting registered for my first 5K, which I believe is on March 22. My knee has been getting more sore with each run and it’s also getting colder as the days go by. Trying to combat those two hindrances are going to be a fun addition to the challenge of “becoming a runner.”

img_1068Now that you’re up to speed, I guess it’s safe to wrap this up and prepare for the weekend. I will be running again at some point tomorrow and hopefully not too much more strenuousness. If everything goes smoothly, I believe I’ve convinced myself throughout the writing of this post that I will begin strength-training on Monday.

Until next time, stay fit and enjoy your weekend!


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