Mobile Ads

There’s very few reliable methods for eliminating (or minimizing) ads on your computers web browsers, unfortunately.

However, I want to share a very quick and simple way to get rid of ads on your smartphone or tablet. Simply go to your network settings or swipe up or down (depending on what device you use) from the home screen to pull up your “Control Center.” This is usually where your WiFi, Bluetooth, etc are found. You can also see an airplane icon, called “Airplane Mode.” Click that and it will disable your cellular and wireless/Bluetooth network connections. *

Mobile ads need a data connection to push themselves to your devices, so when you activate Airplane Mode, you’ve effectively prevented those ads from interrupting your game play.


*NOTE: I want to provide full disclosure and say that using Airplane Mode prevents you from receiving calls, emails and texts. You will also be unable to use the internet. When you turn Airplane Mode off, you will regain the ability to do these things. You will also get any texts, emails and voicemails that you missed during this time.


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