iOS 10 Brightness – Life Hack Alert

If you’re like me, you’ve played with the brightness of your iPhone screen and tested the “Auto-Brightness” feature, as well. While I’ll save the breakdown of iOS 9’s “Night Shift Mode,” that is also a great option if you like to read at night in bed.

But what if you’re laying in bed next to your significant other, all lights are off, you’re trying to read an ebook on your iPhone or iPad and it’s STILL too bright? Some of us with too much time on our hands have discovered a trick and here is a quick step-by-step instructional (with pictures) on how to dim your screen even further than factory allows.

Launch Settings from your home screen.


Click General

Click Accessibility


Click Zoom


At The Bottom of the screen, you’ll see “Zoom Region.” Click that and select “Full Screen Zoom.”

Go Back one screen.


Now select “Zoom”


First, drag the Slider titled “Maximum Zoom Level” all the way to the left. Then, select “Zoom Filter.


Select “Low Light”


From here, take three fingers and tap the screen THREE times. (3 Taps with 3 Fingers).

A black window appears, where you’ll see another slider bar at the bottom. Slide that all the way to the left and you will be good to go!



At this point, you can swipe up from the bottom of your screen to launch the Control Center and customize the brightness to your desired level!

I would love to hear if you’re the type to like your screen brightness even lower than the factory defaults and how you like this hack! Comment below and let’s chat!


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