Home Screen Layouts v3


This is a screenshot of my brother’s iPhone 6. He’s started college, lives at home and has a part time job. Only one of those 620 emails is probably something important that he needs (and it’s probably on page 17/41 in his list of emails.) I guarantee he doesn’t even know what a stock is, so why is the Stocks app on his front page?  He doesn’t know what day it is half the time, let alone does he have the need for a calendar. I can honestly say I don’t think he has ever read a book,…

I give him a lot of crap. I love him. None of this criticism is personal or true. 😛

The point of that roast is to humorously say that a lot of us are like this. In this day and age, the majority of us finally get to a point where our lives create the demand to use a calendar (or a trail of Post-It notes all over the fridge, whatever), save contacts in your phone or address book (instead of having ZERO contacts and relying on memory to remember the last 4-digits of any phone number is so-and-so).

I personally want to stress that, as much as it bothers my perfectionist nature, it’s okay if that’s how you work best. It will never make sense to me that someone wouldn’t want everything in the same order, all the time, predictably easy and also to have all unnecessary things out of sight. I mean, if you have twenty things in your fridge and only use four, why stress your mind with the task of mentally dismissing the unused items every time you open the door?

It’s my goal to help people understand the full power of the device they hold in their hand. If you can look past my obsessive-compulsive tendencies (which I will not force on anyone) 😛 I would love to answer any questions you may have up to this point in our series!

Next week in Part 3, I will feature some questions from the public and answer them in that post, so please email me any questions about your home screen (iPhone or iPad/Android/Blackberry (R.I.P.)/Windows Phone/etc) to tech.quest@icloud.com and I will review and post a few!

Until next time,





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