Instagram Stories: An Inside Look

I’m writing this post in two different times. Right now, I have watched (in confusion) many Instagram Stories, and no I haven’t even read the official description of its purpose. I’m guilty. Usually, I’m the one that knows about this weeks in advance and has it all figured out before launch. Not this time.

So, in a way, I’m baffled that Instagram is mimicking what Snapchat started. From a business perspective, if Snapchat was a fad that came and went, then let Instagram put their own mark on the idea. If Snapchat was and still is a fad that had super high numbers for a good stretch of time, and now people are letting their A.D.D. kick in, then of course, bring on the competition.

Nowadays, you can tweak something very minor and have a completely different app and no one would say anything. I believe this is what we have here.

Fast forward one month. I am packing for a family trip to St. Augustine, Florida and plan to give Stories a very thorough test run (be sure to check out the @_techquest IG page to see me “not-so” gracefully do my hands-on trial.)

At this point, I have completed my first attempt at a “Story.” I was glad to see that, as advertised, I can shoot video all day (or pictures), and add them to my “Story” as I go along. Once I’m done, I can launch it on Instagram and I’m done. I will leave this review as “pending,” until I get a chance to really experiment with it.

How are your own Instagram Stories coming? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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