Home Screen Layouts v2

I’d like you to meet my favorite app of all time, Launch Center Pro.


I’m going to make this into two separate posts. I was going through my media files and remembered that I had originally done screenshots months ago when I first started using Launch Center Pro (or LCP). The following screenshots I’ll focus on today are pre-iOS 10 (public release expected to be Sept. 16, 2016). If you are reading this after iOS 10 is released, you can move to the next post, titled “Home Screen Layouts v.2.2”

Because of LCP, I have found that I can eliminate the clutter in my iPhone’s “dock” (the stationary apps at the bottom of your home screen.) If I had to guess, I would say 99.99999999999999999% of people use all four spaces in their iPhone dock. I have seen a couple of people who use three out of four spaces. In the screenshot below of my initial LCP experiment, I went as far as taking everything away from my dock except for LCP.


It wasn’t a big deal because everything I use regularly was in LCP. The next screenshot takes you right into my specific setup and how I began using it.


I’m going to admit that I screwed up and deleted the pictures of what is inside of each of the above folders. However, I learned a hack along the way (that wasn’t used in this initial trial period) and you’ll see the inside of my current LCP setup and what I mean).

So, I’ve done all this talk about why Launch Center Pro but what is the true purpose and why should you give it a try?

Launch Center Pro is the ultimate Action app. Think back to grade school English class. Verbs. Launch Center Pro does what you need. Text. Call. Search. Typically, you’re opening an app, navigating where you want to go, selecting your choice, selecting your action,… that’s just too many clicks. Preset actions like “Text Mom,” “Email Robert,” “Do a Google Search,” and more. With these presets, it will take you straight to the finish line. It’s pure simplicity.

In the next post, I will let you take a peek at my update Launch Center and how I use it after almost a year of experimentation. As always, I welcome your comments and questions below.


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