Rip Off IT Services

Another feature of this site that I’d like to introduce you to, much like my “TimeSaver” articles, is SIMILARLY titled “MoneySaver.” As you’ll read further in this post, I desire to earn money by sharing my expertise and services with you, and I don’t want any of my readers to spend more money than necessary to resolve your tech issues. With that said, I hope you enjoy the first installment of “MoneySaver.”

I may come across a little harsh in saying that your go-to computer repair store is ripping you off. The truth is that these “Brick & Mortar” companies have a higher operational cost than, say, your average Joe (or Michael) that owns a remote IT support business.

Think about it. “ABC Computer Store has 7 part-time employees on rotation, backstock of computers and parts in inventory, much higher business insurance costs and utilities (lights, power, etc.)

That’s awesome that someone, somewhere saved a lot of money, started a company, hired staff and so on. It’s an amazing thing to own a business, and I know from experience.

But in order to pay those bills and keep the doors open, you can’t just buy computers at wholesale and do a simple 20% markup and expect to turn a profit.

Enter Services.

I’ll admit that if you called me and asked to have your hard drive backed up, I will charge you my standard rate of $29. Anyone reading this that offers this service in their own business will probably leave a comment saying how ridiculous it is to charge so little.

I charge much lower prices than the industry standard, currently, because my goal in providing these services is not to assume a primary revenue stream from said services. I’m here to help, and yes, I need to make a little money and will charge you to do so.

The store down the street will tell you it costs $79-$99 to do this. Industry secret: all we’re doing for you is plugging in an external drive, clicking a few prompts and letting the computer do its thing. Simple as that.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 12.28.38 PM

Am i destroying the reputation of computer techs worldwide by saying this? Maybe. It doesn’t matter. Anyone who has ever performed their own backup knows it’s simple. The only reason you would pay for this service is because maybe, in your specific situation, you have files that need to be encrypted or you have a hard drive that is formatted for windows backup and you have a Mac (or vice versa).

There’s other reasons out there, but it all comes down to your peace of mind. If you just simply don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, then it’s OK to seek help.

If, after shopping around, you feel like you could do better and just want my feedback on your needs, you know where to find me. Like I said earlier, technology isn’t always “easy” for everybody. My purpose, with this site and my business, is to make your life easier.


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