MAPS: Google v. Apple




8/22/16: I have discovered the very unintuitive and quite hidden option that  Apple has failed miserably at integrating into their Maps. (See screenshot below):

Go to Apple Settings>Maps>Driving & Navigation and Voila!

In the Map app, follow these steps after entering your destination:

I hate bouncing back and forth between Apple and Google Maps.

Sometimes, when my wife and I travel, we like to take the scenic route. Living in Metro Atlanta gives us plenty of opportunity to see the big buildings and commercial districts, while passing exit after exit.

Being from a small town, where you can get anywhere in 5 minutes, I naturally gravitate towards wanting to pass through little towns and maybe find Mom and Pop shops to snag a deal.

With Apple Maps, I can’t simply put in my destination and choose between the highway or back roads. The only experience I’ve had is choosing the route that is 100% interstate or a combination of highway and a point where you can get away and ride the country. I have yet to see a list of route options in Apple Maps.

I’m not saying it’s not possible.

You could always use your internal navigational intuition and go in the direction you need, while allowing GPS (do we even use that term anymore?) to redirect your route. Sometimes, this gets frustration because for a while, it will only tell you to make a U-Turn when available to navigate back to the original route.

For the next three weeks or so, I’m going to leave this debate open. Apple is getting ready to release iOS 10 in September with major design and functionality overhauls to Maps.

In the meantime, let’s discuss how you use which app and what the pros and cons are. The “Avoid Highways” setting is the only really bothersome thing for me. Also, I would love to know if you rely more heavily on third-party apps like Waze.


2 thoughts on “MAPS: Google v. Apple

  1. Thanks for the comment, dude! 😁 I typically use Apple Maps by default, or out of habit. Usually for less frequent long trips, I like the “Avoid Highways” feature. Be sure to follow my blog. I have some more great App debates in the works.


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