Redesigned: Apple Store App (iOS)

The Apple Store

(in your pocket)


Apple has released a much needed refresh of their Apple Store app, complete with new icon. The focus here is you, the customer. Let me show you what I mean.

Conveniently located at the top of the home page, you have a reminder for any Genius Bar reservations, with directions to the Apple Store!


New Navigation Dock

One of the greatest things I like (in concept) is that, with all of your Apple devices registered to your AppleID, the new Apple Store app will display a list of your devices and allow you to shop for accessories and add-ons, ensuring compatibility for each.

(You’ll see in the screenshot below that the app was unable to confirm compatibility for my iPhone 6 Plus. I have not come across an answer to this just yet, but will post an update when I find out. This is likely a bug in my iOS 10 Public Beta and will be resolved when the full release of iOS 10 is released next month). 


In the new Navigation Dock at the bottom of the app, you’ll see an “Account” icon. In your account, you can view “My Orders” (see below). I noticed in my personal account that not all of my orders were visible. You can see the date of purchase, order number, status, and more inside.


BEAUTIFUL, simple and elegant product detail pages with Item name, price, picture and assurance below that it is compatible with your device(s).




Added Support for Pay (see above)


Swipe left to delete an item from your Bag.

As for my experience with the newly redesigned Apple Store app, I’ve enjoyed this update thoroughly. Apple doesn’t always update EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME, and sometimes the changes can be so subtle, but when put into perspective, it is remarkable to see their attention to detail.


Until next time.



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